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In this section we have compiled useful links to industry specific news, articles and information; critical economic data, news and statistics; and our five favorite media sources for financial, economy and information technology news and information.

IPA is one of the world's leading management consulting and business development companies, headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois with revenues of approximately $250 million. Since its inception, IPA has grown to more than 1,800 employees, offering consulting services to businesses throughout the United States and Canada. IPA is one of the fastest growing full service management consulting and business development companies in North America. In November 2003, Crain's Chicago Business ranked IPA as the 8th largest management consulting company in Chicago. In June of 2004, Consultants News ranked IPA as the 56th largest consulting firm in the world.

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IPA, a management consulting firm, is focused on North American small and medium-size privately held businesses. We have guided many clients through effective application of advanced methods in sales, financial planning, cost control, advertising, marketing and management.

IPA has helped more than 170,000 companies control costs, maintain positive cash flow, and accelerate profitable growth. IPA allows owners to get the most out of their businesses. Read about the latest IPA information:

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